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About Fair Trade Tourism

Fair Trade tourism ensures good wages and working conditions for staff, a fair share of the tourism bucks to local communities and respect for human rights, culture and the environment. In other words: tourism that is good for people and the environment. How it works: Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) certifies tourism businesses (like hotels, activities and attractions) against a set of standards linked to global Fair Trade criteria. Those that qualify get to carry the FTTSA logo. So every time you stay at a hotel, or go on a tour, that carries the FTTSA logo you will not only have a great experience – you will also be doing a good thing for South Africa and South Africans at the same time. That’s what we call a win-win situation! What kind of places are Fair Trade? Any kind of tourism business can become FTTSA-certified: from backpackers to 5-star lodges; township tours and whale watching cruises to adrenalin-filled activities and botanical gardens. In addition to being fab holiday places and activities, they all do a whole lot of amazing things for people and the environment. You can read all about this on our website ( Doing something good has never felt this great!

Travel has never felt so good!

You have previously in the blog met Viola, Bernie and Betty and seen how Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) benefits real people in real life. Making it possible for people to grow, learn and exceed their expectations is an important dimension of Fair … Continue reading

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Meet Viola Siyotywa from Grootbos Foundation!

Viola was born in the Eastern Cape and came to Gansbaai in 2003 looking for employment and better opportunities. In 2006, Viola saw an advertisement for the training program at the Green Futures Horticultural and Life Skills College based on … Continue reading

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Is it enough to offer sustainable products – or is there more to being a responsible tour operator?

It is more and more common to see tour operators advertising sustainable products (accommodation and activities) and philanthropic initiatives in destinations (own programmes or support of existing ones – like conservation or social initiatives). It seems that many operators feel that this … Continue reading


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Meet Betty Hlungwani from Shiluvari!

The owners of FTTSA-certified Shiluvari Lakeside Lodge pride themselves on their staff development. The prime example of the success of their human capital development programme is Betty Hlungwani, current Lodge Manager. The Hlungwani and Girardin families have a relationship that … Continue reading

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Tourism – the next big thing in Fairtrade?

By: Jennifer Seif, FTTSA Executive Director Sustainable consumption and production is a cornerstone of the Rio+20 process and related efforts to promote a more equitable and greener global economy. Successes achieved in a wide range of sectors – particularly agriculture, … Continue reading

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Meet Bernie Samuels from Spier!

In 2004, FTTSA-certified Spier Wine Farm began to overhaul its procurement in order to shift a significant share of its spend to local and black-empowered businesses as a way of creating jobs and helping to curb unemployment, while saving the … Continue reading

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